About us

Meet Our Leads

Jared - Lead Designer

Jared has been with JAMworks since the very beginning. With six years of experience in this specific job, he has designed thousands of different projects over the years creating new and inspiring designs each day in an effort to hone his skills. He puts his all into customizing his designs for each individual customer, and has gone above and beyond to make sure they are exactly as ordered.

Nathaniel - Lead Fabrication Manager

Nathaniel has also been with JAMworks since the very beginning. He has been in charge of making projects of customers come to life. An expert when it comes to steel welding, he has been a major resource in building this shop to where it is today through his hard work, expert skills, and thorough attention to detail.

Logan - Lead Communications Manager

Logan joined JAMworks in 2022, but quickly rose up to lead communications manager. With a friendly attitude and a willingness to try new things, Logan puts his background in robotics, 3D printing, and bachelors in communication to work as he manages requests, creates community, and makes sure the shop runs as intended.