CAD Modeling

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  • Attack on Titan Sword

    This sword was CAD designed off of the swords that show up in the anime series Attack on Titan. Designed to include detachable blades, these swords accurately resemble the swords from the show.

  • Custom Ordered Bench

    This customer requested a bench with legs designed to look animalistic and natural, with that in mind we went into this project with an atypical way of modeling and fabricating in order to create it based off of the request, ending with a product the customer was pleased with.

  • Chandelier

    Specially designed by us to allow for wires to pass through the chandelier's interior based off of the customers specification.

  • Hallways Gates

    This gate was designed for an inner hallway in the customers house to match some other smaller gates inside the house. measured and created specifically for the opening, the costumer was satisfied with the result.

  • Knife Press

    Designed alongside the established high-end knifemaking company Fellowship Blades, this is the only product of its kind. Fully engineered and prototyped at JAMworks, it is currently in testing stage before production.