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The Heat-Treat Press

The Heat-Treat Press

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The Heat-Treat Press is precisely engineered to meet the sophisticated requirements of today's super steels, especially those that benefit from air quenching. These plates deliver a uniformly distributed quench, crucial for attaining the desired hardness and microstructure while mitigating the risks of warping or inconsistent tempering.

Designed for durability, it incorporates six industrial-strength springs, arranged to apply consistent, optimal pressure throughout the quenching process. This not only boosts the quench's efficacy but also streamlines the workflow. Thanks to a cam-style clamp, the process of clamping and unclamping is transformed from a tedious chore to a smooth, effortless action, enabling quick operations without compromising on accuracy.

Note: We are running our first rounds of production so expect product to ship 2-3 weeks after order is placed.

Features include:

- 9" x 12" cooling plates

- Camlock handle for quick and secure clamping

- Isogrid style heatsink clamping plates for quick and consistent cooling

- Easy height adjustment for clamping different stock sizes

- Non slip feet for motion and heat isolation

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